Friday, December 6, 2013


Long time.

Lovelove where I've been set up for the last year(ish) is closing its doors on Florence st, as the building is getting trampled to make room for some junk or something. A bunch of us are relocating and setting up a gallery/space that'll rule I reckon. More confirmed details very soon.

I'm selling a bunch of stuff pretty cheap to get together cash for bond at this new joint, and also to make room for more new drawings.

Deal with my crappy phone photography.

Email me through here for info/arrangements: shatteredhell(at)gmail(dot)com

Predator (framed) 150$

Zoid (framed) 75$
Takaonna (framed) 170$
OR 300$ with Kitsune

Kitsune (framed) 170$
OR 300$ with Takaonna

Il Necro Ciclismo 100$